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Looking for suggestions on where to go from here

23 Mar 2015
Hey guys,

For those of you that still pop in here, I figured it'd be worth asking for your input on the current forum situation, and where to go from here.

Snoxd was always intended to be a forum for the development of game hacks (mostly for KO).

Since Snoxd's split from FG (which is now also gone) however, we pretty much lost all of the active hack devs. Instead, most of the activity's clearly been in PSKO development.
For years, however, the site's still sported the "Snoxd: For all your game hacking needs" banner, despite being the least used section of the forums.

For a time Snoxd received frequent new content, with all the various 1.298 exploits that needed fixing, which extended a little with 1.310/1.351 also receiving a bit of attention.
By now though, several years after 1.298 private servers were a thing (late 2007/early 2008), unique content's fairly petered out. Our unique content has long since propagated to various other non-english development communities.

PSKO content grew very, very stale.

In mid-2012 I started the snoxd-koserver project as a last-ditch attempt to bring back some new, fresh content the community can contribute to, with Snoxd as the hub for its activity. Unfortunately, that didn't play out anything like I'd anticipated, with essentially nobody contributing, and the main posts (though not all) here becoming feature requests. By mid-2013, I realised this wasn't achieving the intended result and closed off the project to the public. Ironically enough, this lead to increasing the unique content & activity of turkish development communities instead of us.

Aside from the releases, Snoxd has always served as a Q&A for all things PSKO. I think people agree we do a pretty good job in that regard, even though most of the questions at this point are duplicates of questions we've seen hundreds of times prior.
This, however, really doesn't give us all that much to work with (unless we decide to become the new StackOverflow for KO ;)).

I think, a big part of the problem here is the toxicity of the scene, and I'm part of the problem. I myself have ostracised potential promising contributors in the past because of this.
Bringing this into Snoxd is not something that should be happening; the community is already pretty small as it is.

So: lack of new members, old members don't particularly like hanging out here / contributing because of the toxicity (and me).

This leads me to the next problem: keeping this site up.

Some of you may think I probably make a bit, especially taking into consideration the number of things I've worked on (and used to sell). Unfortunately, even when I did sell my work, people made more off reselling it than I ever made off it. With that out the way, I rely exclusively on donations for the upkeep of the forum. Given the few people who actually hang out here, whether we'll pull in enough per month is fairly flaky (we usually go a few months without seeing any donations at all), so more often than not I'll be paying out-of-pocket for the domain & hosting services.

People have suggested adding ads to the site, however the various ad networks I've tried have rejected us either on content grounds, or apparently, lack of textual content.

Further, people have also suggested incorporating a PSKO advertisement section.
This idea I've rejected in the past due to the nature of the forum and G4L being the place everyone here already uses for that. Really, I don't think we have the right audience, let alone the attention for it, but even if we did, there's a bigger, more popular section there already with far more attention from the right target audience.

Which leads us to where we are right now: a dead forum that cannot sustain itself, with plenty of decent but STALE content (although already propagated to other communities, for the most part).

With there being no real exclusive content these days, I feel there's no real harm in closing. However, I've reached out to see who would actually be willing to do something with the community (albeit not with the domain, though it can be redirected to its new home).

The only promising contact I've had thus far has been from Devile (admin of Gamers4Life) who has offered to migrate it and manage it under Gamers4Life. He doesn't appear all that familiar with this forum, so I'm assuming he isn't even aware of the hacks section (but that's OK -- there effectively isn't one). I'm assuming the migrated content would primarily be PSKO dev.

This isn't just my forum though, this is yours too -- so I'm asking for your input on where to go from here.

Is it finally time to pull the plug on the forums?
Is there more that can be done?
Should it be merged in with Gamers4Life?

I don't know. I'll see what you guys think.
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Forums are back up (obviously)

28 Dec 2014
The forums were up and down earlier due to some idiot attacking -- it's certainly been a long time since that's happened, which constantly surprises me.

The attack wasn't remotely severe (heck, there were only 2 IPs abusing it), but it did manage to strain the limited resources of the VPS we're running on.
I tweaked config to prevent that from happening again, and further blacklisted the IPs which are still attempting it (to no avail; the forums are as snappy as ever).

As I doubt they're going to just stop at Snoxd, the two IPs were:,
(that said, I seriously doubt they'll inflict any real harm elsewhere...)

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays.
It's hard to believe 2015 is almost upon us... enjoy your New Year's, and stay safe! :)
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We're back and feeling refreshed!

20 Oct 2012
Hey guys,

I took the forum down yesterday with the intention of strictly updating the forum software. However, I decided it was worth updating everything else while I was at it (webserver, database server, cache server, etc).
With it back up, I went through and updated all our custom scripts (and the skin we're using), and THEN:
- implemented a new dark skin that you may prefer (you should be able to select the theme at the bottom of the page, something I'm not entirely sure was enabled previously -- it is now, though),
- switched the forum's search engine over to use sphinx for slightly more accurate results (and on the search note, I still need to correct the search bar on the bottom of the forums to be set to 'forums' by default while in a topic -- that can be confusing, and is probably less likely to be used)
- implemented a similar topics list after setting your topic title on the post screen (I wasn't happy with the extreme hit inaccuracy of the script I used, so I rewrote its search feature. Please let me know if there's any REALLY bad hits),
- optimised the hell out of the server (the fun part? We gained 42% of free RAM!).

So, not a great deal of new stuff to toy with (current version of IPB does have pretty snazzy features though), but just enough to keep us out of trouble for a while. ;)

If you find any bugs, please let me know (I know about the dodgy colours used by the dark skin in post quotes, will fix that later!).

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Snoxd returns.

09 Aug 2012
When I took the site down yesterday I honestly didn't expect as much support as was received.

Thanks to all of your efforts (and notably OldSchoolKO's), I'll be able to resume running Snoxd for the next few months - so thanks, all. For those that were obvious from their donation, I'll be hooking your accounts up as "Donators", and for those that weren't, if you wish for your account to be made a donator, please PM me the Paypal e-mail used, transaction ID & your Snoxd account name.

With that out the way, I'll start making a few changes to Snoxd this week, to try and make things easier to use/more accessible. If you have any suggestions/feedback, this thread or the suggestions/feedback section is the best place for that.
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...and we're back!

02 Oct 2011
No need to fret, we're back!

Throughout the management change it seems our provider was making its own changes. We were shifted to another IP address a little unexpectedly, and were forced to wait for DNS to catch up.

If you can't access the site from another PC, you may need to flush your DNS cache (command prompt -> ipconfig /flushdns). If not, all you'll need is patience (it'll return by itself eventually).

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